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Physical Noise


Physical Noise, heavy metal band since 2006, were born with the intent

of re-forging the ‘80ies NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal).

The twin guitar sound recalls the good old style metal with a more modern sound,

in a genre that could be considered hard'n'heavy, with sharp (sometimes harmonized)

guitar riffs, cracking rhythmic sections and powerful-melodic vocal lines!

On February 2013 Physical Noise signed with american-based label

“Sliptrick Records” for the production and worldwide distribution of their first

debut album:"Follow the Noise!" and started their promotional shows abroad

(Latvia, Sweden).

Currently they're looking for a new label.

The name Physical Noise is in part inspired from “Physical Graffiti”, live album

of Led Zeppelin. Why Noise? Well, because they are very Noisy guys!!!

After the ex singer Luca stated to leave the band, Physical Noise find out

a new stable line-up with: Andrea Colle (lead guitar), Antony Meloni

(rhythm guitar), Erica Berton (bass), Valerio Mondelli (drums), and

finally the new singer Roberto Ramon Messina (ex-Secret Sphere, Alkemyst, 6008 Days).

The upcoming album's particular theme concerns taking the Bible literally, doing an

accurate study on its words and meanings (not religious). It will connect epic

lyrics to strong instrumental lines.

Physical Noise will soon shoot their new official video, for the "Exodus" single.


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