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Tipsy Road is a Swiss rock band from Lugano, Ticino. Founded in 2007, the bandconsists of a lead singer, a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist and a drummer.Their first EP Breakin’ the Line was released in September 2009.
A videoclip of the single “Naked” was realized in January 2012, it was selected for the finalsof the National Italian Videoclip d’Oro contest and won the best direction award.In January 2013 their first full-length album Somewhere Alive was released. In November2014 the band presented the full-acoustic EP Chronicles from Another Sea, driven by thecuriosity for an explorative journey through the sea of acoustic music.
The band is well known in Switzerland, where it has featured at the mostimportant festivals, open-airs and in pubs and was awarded the first prize at the Palco aiGiovani Contest 2012, at the Foft Music Contest 2013 and at the Rock N’ Bonsai Contest 2013.Tipsy Road have played in Switzerland, such as at the Montreux Jazz Festival, atBürkliplatz in Zürich for the Swiss National Day in 2013 and many other venues, but theyalso played at Klub007 in Prague and many times in North Italy. In 2011 the band won LaBoggia Band Contest in Gordona (Italy), where as in 2014 it was selected for the swiss finalsof the Emergenza contest in Bern and the final round of the Rock Highway Contest inZurich.
Their main inspirations are Deep Purple, Dream Theater, Mötley Crüe, Alter Bridge, IronMaiden, but also jazz and classical music.
Driven by relentless passion for quality, Tipsy Road pursue their dream to blend soundand rhythm with meaningful lyrics to create a new kind of rock music: a music thatcaptivates and touches their audience.

Davide De Vita - Lead Vocals
Christian Zatta - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Simone Geronimi - Bass Guitar
Elia Heutschi - Drums
Mauro Salazar - Keyboards, Hammond

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