domingo, 3 de mayo de 2015



-Franck "Kanon" Ghirardi: Vocals 
-Seb "Cazu" Casula: Rhythm Guitars
-Bob "Flying" Saliba: Lead Guitars
-Lionel "Beev" Antonorsi: Bass 
-Sylvain "S.T" Vidal: Live Drummer

French heavy metal band Stonecast was formed by Franck and Cazu in Marseille, with an aim of creating their own sonic dimension, strong in identity and personality. The band's debut album, ‘Inherited Hell’, was unleashed in 2009 and was backed by a series of powerful live shows. The peak of the album’s intensity being in 2011, as Stonecast were invited to perform on the “Big 4” day of Sonisphere Festival in France.

The following months were dedicated to the writing and recording of the second album, ‘Heroikos’. Heavily inspired by mediterranean epicness, the band welcomes the legend that is ‘Rhino’ (formely of Manowar) behind the drumkit of doom. Released in 2013, the album was critically acclaimed, receiving great feedback from heavy metal circles worldwide, thus helping the band to perform in venues and countries they had never played before.

Stonecast's ever growing faithful group of followers are known as The Cohort, a sign of unity behind the banner of willpower, a state of mind that has defined the band since day one.
After a recent successful period of writing, the sons of iron, steel, and heavy metal have signed a worldwide bookings & management deal with Metal Music Bookings & Management, and have taken on board the legendary Producer Roy Z to work on their new album, who has previously worked with Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest & many more. More news coming soon, stay tuned.



- youtube track:

- youtube live: (sorry for the bad quality of sound)

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