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domination - skywards promotions

Vocals and Guitar: Denis Kormakov

Drums: Pablo Martinez

Bass: Ariel Orsi

Domination emerges after sharing a stage in a Dio/ Iron Maiden tribute, each member with its respective band. Weeks later they decided to build this project due to the good chemistry between the musicians. Hopefully everyone will like the live work of this new band.

Domination a band formed in 2011, presents their music in conceptual shows telling a stark story , the show has pictures and music, one of the most ruthless history of the world´s revolution. Domination is a conceptual rate band, which brings at this time, an audio-visual show, trying to immerse the viewer in a world told from the cruel and bloody history of the Russian Revolution of 1918. Domination is a band conformed by Denis Kormakov on vocals and guitar, Ariel Orsi on Bass and Chorus and Pablo Martinez on drums and Chorus. The first work created and performed by Domination was named "Doom in Nation" a dark wordplay to an even darker story of revolution with anger, power, betrayal and redemption in Russia of the 1920. With a musical style that travels all branches of Heavy Metal with striking and sticky melodies remaining inside the mind. A unique experience in the musical environment.

Doom In Nation
01-Something grows
02-Harder than steel
03-What the streets claim
04-From the otherland
05-Enemy Planted - Raise your sword
06-All Around dead - Colors becomes dark
07-The red era begins
08-Doom in Nation
09-On The edge
10-The Mission
11-In front of reality - Follow the beat of your heart
12-At the gates of hell - My last regret
13-Bring me peace
15-Metal Heart (AcceptCover)

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