martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014



-Steven Fascino - "Diego" - Voice (Black Wings)
-Jean Marshall Argiano - "Gabriele" - Guitar and Vocals (Handful of Hate, Electrocution, Mescal, ex Neurasthenia, ex Fallen Fucking Angels) |
-Gordon Sensazione - "Alfredo" - Bass (Berith's Legion, Psychotria) |
-Dott. Æryani Mærdy - "Rudy" - Drums (Neurasthenia, Lehmann, Asgard, Ophiura)

Experimental, Groove Metal, Thrash, Porn

Eleven are the youngest and coolest band in world's Modern Metal scenario. 

The idea comes from Jean during backdoor love to an ex girlfriend, melting togheter a lethal mix of heavy metal, grunge, hate, alcohol and cats.

Due to a past of drugs, fights, captured and arrested, best friends of the f.b.i., these guys are the true spirit of rock 'n' roll in the new millenium.

Be sure to go see them playing, before they lose completely the head.
Eleven members come from big names of the italian hard and heavy panorama as Neurasthenia, Black Wings, Berith's Legion.

Prepare your headbanging to the next ironic, sensual, unforgettable, metal show of Eleven in your town. And then in your bathroom.

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