domingo, 20 de julio de 2014

Band Live

Band Live:  DragonhammeR

The band was on "The X Experiment" European Tour, as a supporter of a legend Power Metal Band "FREEDOM CALL". 
They played in Berlin, Porto, Barcellona, Madrird, Rome.. and many others cities.

Dragonhammer at Hard Club (Porto, Portugal) 3rd April 2014

Here you hve all the dates:

27/03/2014 BERLIN K17 Club
28/03/2014 ESSEN Turock
29/03/2014 GERA Sächsischer Bahnhof
02/04/2014 GIJON Sala Acapulco
03/04/2014 PORTO Hard Club
04/04/2014 SARAGOZZA Sala Explosivo
05/04/2014 BARCELLONA Sala Samandra 2
06/04/2014 MADRID Sala We Rock
25/04/2014 ROME Cross Road Live Club
26/04/2014 CALENZANO (FI) Cycle Rock Club

Here DragonhammeR and Freedom Call

I share with you a video, Dragonhammer at Hard Club (Porto, Portugal) 3rd April 2014:

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