miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Feed Me with Lies

midnight Sin 

feed me with lieS

Like other nights the world sleeps again
(I've been waiting...)
It seems just like they don't feel their pain
(I'm restraining...)
Goin' out for a ride, on the far side
(Start to call and...)
In a while my life will change and never come back.
(Join the fray, join the fray...)

And now I think, and now I think...we need to seize the opportunity
But I'm afraid, but I'm afraid...we're just letting it out.

But I'm here tonight
to get me in a fight.
You asked for me, and that's what you'll get:
you're going to spit some blood and taste your regret!

Cry, cry, cry! little child...
(Let me introduce you to the wild side!)
It hurts sometimes.
(But...at least you're feeling alive)
Open up your eyes,
watch out for the truth,
say goodbye to all your dreams of youth,
Crawl down on my knees,
finally in peace,
I'm gonna rise...
feed me with your lies.

We can't be good forever
(People change...)
To point our eyes to all these beggars.
(We're not angels...)

Looking every day for a place to stay,
trying to find a way to refuse to pray,
hoping to remain higher as we can,
listen to me now: I've got a plan!

Tonight I wanna rush.
No matter if I crush.
So come aboard, if you want some fun...because the revolution has just begun!!!


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